Dr Tan Balance Method



  • Damian Somerville has been one of the many acupuncturists around the world who have successfully incorporated Dr Tan's famous Balance method to his acupuncture practice
  • The reason why Damian has embraced Dr Tan's Balance method is because of the results it brings. The instant clinical efficiency which has become a hallmark of Dr Tan's Balance method
  • Damian has been trained in Dr Tan's Balance method and Dr Tan's advanced Balance method of acupuncture. Due to the success rate for his patients, this is the only form of acupuncture that Damian uses in his treatments


  • The main unique style of Dr Tan's Balance method is that you never directly needle the painful area. For example, the head is never needled for headaches. The shoulder is never needled for shoulder pain and the knee is never directly needled for knee pain etc
  • This is the main difference of Dr Tan's Balance method from other acupuncture methods and that which sets it apart from other forms of acupuncture


  • The main benefit is the instant clinical results. The acupuncture effect will happen in seconds to minutes after the needling


  • Dr Tan's Balance method treats pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, internal disorders, allergies, hormonal problems, insomnia, poor digestion and many more


  • Dr Tan's Balance method has taught me to never needle the painful area
  • Secondly it has shown me how to achieve instant clinical results
  • In my acupuncture clinic my patients get instant results. 95% of my patients receive instant clinical results