About us

Damian Somerville

Bachelor Education (ACU), Dip. Reflexology (Nature Care College), Bachelor Degree Traditional Chinese Medicine (Sydney Institute Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Damian has 15 years experience working with people with mental health problems and people with physical disabilities.

In addition to his Bachelor Degree, Damian has trained for 2 years under the guidance of Dr Anna Guo as a private student in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr Guo has 40 years experience in Chinese herbal medicine in China and Sydney. Her main focus is on gastrointestinal problems and she also treats many other illnesses using Chinese herbs.

Damian has a keen interest in emotional illness including anxiety, stress and depression from his years of experience working and studying in this area. He has gained experience in pain management through his extra work and study with Dr Guo.

Damian became interested in Chinese Medicine as a result of glandular fever and spent 6 weeks in bed. There was no treatment from western medicine, and the advice from the GP was to rest and take it easy.

During this time he found out through a friend that Chinese herbs could help and so he visited China town, Sydney for a diagnosis. After one week of taking the herbs the hot sweats he had for six weeks had stopped and the energy came back. After two weeks he was well enough to go back to work. He then enrolled in an advanced diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the rest as they say is history.

Damian has studied under Dr Richard Tan and is qualified in the "Li Gan Jian Ying" balance treatment method. This translates as "Stand a pole under the sun, and you should immediately see its shadow." This method of meridian diagnosis and treatment is the most effective form of acupuncture for optimal results. This is the only method which is used in Damian's clinic as the results are often instantaneous.

Damian is registered with all major health funds and is a long standing member with the ATMS.

Claire Somerville

Dip Remedial Massage, Dip Sports Massage,  Cert IV Reflexology (Nature Care College). Seated Head and Shoulder Massage, Angel Intuitive (Doreen Virtue)

Claire has over 15 years of massage experience working with the physical and emotional body. She has worked with a number of sports teams including the NRL,State of Origin, NSW cricketers and AFL umpires.

Claire worked in a corporate environment but knew that she needed to change career and try something different, as working for a large corporation was no longer the right path for her. Claire found a passion for massage and other natural therapies that help to release stress and pain for her patients.

Claire has a passion for spiritual healing and is a qualified Angel Intuitive studied through Doreen Virtue. This healing comes through in her work. She also conducts Oracle Card readings and can collate and interpret Astrological birth charts.

Claire is registered with all major health funds and is a long standing member of the ATMS.